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Jenis : Skripsi
Letak : Referensi
Status : ada
AccNo : PMTK10042
Judul : Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Matematika Siswa Kelas VIII A MTS Subulul Ikhsan Kersana Brebes Melalui Implementasi Pembelajaran Kontekstual Tahun Pelajaran 2009/2010
Subjek : Meningkatkan hasil belajar matematika siswa
Pengarang : BUDIARTI
Prodi : Pend. Matematika
Pembimbing : Hj. Isnani, M.Si. KRT. Purwo Susongko, M.Pd.
Tahun : 2010
Abstrak: Budiarti NPM : 1708501389. Increase The Result of Study Mathematic to the student of class VIII A MTs Subulul Ikhsan Kersana Brebes by contextual learning implementation 2009/2010 with the material relation and function. The script ion of Mathematics education in the Mastership and pedagogy Faculty of Tegal Pancasakti University. 2010

Foreword : Contextual, Increase The Result of Study Mathematics

Mathematics learning which practiced so far in MTs Subulul Ikhsan Kersana Brebes because the participation of education solved in the problem of burden every individual. The learning model which also practiced monotone so they was bored. Eventuality these cases above assumed the shape of factors that caused them low. The examination purpose that wants to reach there was increased a teacher task in practicing model of contextual learning, so that can increase the result study of student in the mathematics subject with relation and function concept class VIII A Semester I MTs Subulul Ikhsan Kersana Brebes in 2009 / 2010.
This examination assume the shape of experiment examination by accomplishment technique Classroom Action Research (CAR) where the examination procedure projected into three cycles. Every cycle made up a project action, supervision and reflection. The examination subject was a class of sick classes in there, that is class VIII A MTs Subulul Ikhsan Kersana, kinds of data which took there was a qualitative data that got from observation paper, test / quiz score, supervision result and reflection, the examination technique by test and non test technique with their analyze was teaching activity of a teacher and student study capacity.
From the result examination after there cycles given so happen increasing resultant learn of student to the match subject in relation and function material class VIII A MTs Subulul Ikhsan Kersana. Te situation is proved by the analyze data result. That the teacher skill perform teaching learning process from began the cycles I, II and III more than 85 % with summa conclude category and score test of student to every cycles always realized the progress was significant until the last cycles showed 87.5 % student got a test that fulfill a criteria of learn capacity with score is more or same 65. therefore, it can conclude that by using contextual learning model, so the result of student learn can increased and also increase to work a teacher.